Social Selling on LinkedIn - Унапредете ја Вашата продажба

Only 15 seats are available for training "Social Selling on LinkedIn - Improve your sales" in Macedonia where Bert Verdonck, a specialized trainer on this topic comes from Scredible, the first official certified LinkedIn training agency in the world and will hold an exclusive training

The lecture will be in English Language!

This exclusive training will be held in two days, three and a half hours a day

LinkedIn Social Selling Workshop Content Overview

Workshop 1 Content – half day

  •  Why social selling and this program? 
  • Social selling mind set & guidelines overview
  • Overview of passive, active & proactive strategies
  • How to build a standout profile, including a 22-point checklist
  • 4 ways to build your networks of buyers
  •  How to deal with invitations? 

Workshop 2 Content – half day

  •  Socially surround your buyers
  •  Social etiquette
  • How to leverage and share insights to win appointments
  • Best practices for engaging with prospects
  • How to leverage marketing materials more effectively
  •  3 proactive ways to quickly find prospects

KPIs to measure performance
Below is a list of possible KPIs that can be measured.

  • Completion of LinkedIn profiles
  • Growth of their LinkedIn network
  • Social Selling Index (SSI) ü  Number of appointments
  • Pipeline value of opportunities ü  Closed sales (in time)

Who are Scredible?

  • TransAtlantic Startup: California, London, Dublin & Antwerp 
  • Delivering an AI App in online engagement and education
  • International team of Social Selling trainers and consultants
  • Developing LinkedIn Social Selling Strategies for roll out
  • Partner of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Solutions
  • In 2010 members of the Scredible team became the 1st official certified LinkedIn training agency in the world!
  • 5 LinkedIn books, including an international bestseller

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